Million Dollar Baby


"I… am a sex slave. A person held in servitude as the property of another, completely  subservient to a dominating influence. Technically, I suppose "whore" would be a more appropriate term to describe what I am. You see, I have made myself completely available to a man, albeit one man, in exchange for money. This would include but is not limited to, my loyalty, discretion, and the use of my body in every way, shape and form that suits his needs. The irony is that I wasn’t forced into this life. I chose it. Well, I really didn’t have another choice as a better opportunity hadn’t presented itself in time but I chose it all the same time. He didn’t force me. He didn’t seek me out. I hadn’t been kidnapped or brutally beaten into submission. I went willingly……. And I did it all to save a life. My name is Isabella Clarks, and this is my story."

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Teen Wolf .. The only show that actually makes me speechless and unable to breath properly. 

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Teen wolf makes me sad in a good way

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how is “slut” even an insult wtf get that dick grl

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